Benefits of Dyslexia

New findings show that there are actually some benefits to those with dyslexia, as compared to normal learners. These folks are wired differently neurologically, and not all of that is as negative as people seem to think. I think you will agree if you read this article by dyslexic specialist Hannah Mac Lellen.

How to choose your college?

If you are one of the lucky families who who has a student who has been accepted to more than one college, how do you make a final choice? This article includes how to analyze important factors such as: Tuition and Base Cost Number of Year Required for Degree Soft Costs: Location, Transportation for Holiday Trips, Summer Storage What does …


According to "Peace Quarters," a new study says people who read a lot of books make better friends for others because they "are way nicer, kinder, and empathetic." than those who watch lot of TV. Those who watch mainly TV exhibit more anti-social behavior." Furthermore, the genre matters, with romance and drama readers being the most empathetic. ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN …

Summer Camps

If you are sending your child to a summer camp, either day or overnight, for the first time, here are some tips from Home Education Resource Directory. You may find them helpful! 1) Discuss with your child what type of camp they might like. Make them a part of the research. They will be more excited if they have participated …

How to measure peace and progress in your children’s learning

While this was written by Julie Bogart about homeschooling, these ideas of how to measure peace and progress in your children’s learning applies to all school situations and even other life situations. Enjoy the article.

Prep for college

If you are one of the lucky high school seniors who got more than one college acceptance letter recently, this article from may give you tips to help you make your decision.

Parenting teaches US so much!

I love the memes from There is so much wisdom in this one! We need to show them that we are all not perfect, make mistakes, and are learning together with them. Parenting teaches US so much, too!

How to prepare your child for testing?

Statewide standardized testing is coming up at the end of April and the beginning of May. It is important to get an early start helping your child to prepare. There are free online practice tests and here is an article with tips for parents to help kids get prepared. Eating a high-protein breakfast is a must on the day of …

Early Reading Habits

Do you ever wonder if it is good to let beginning readers figure out words by the pictures in the book? The answer is yes and no. When first starting out kids, often rely on this technique and don’t really get full comprehension because they pay more attention to the pictures than the text. If this is so for your …

Play is important!

Spring is officially here, so get outdoors and take time to play along with your children. You will all be renewed and rejuvenated. Play is important for all of us, adults and children alike!