A Satisfied Parent 
of a Special Student with a Learning Disability says…

Sunny provides a very personal, warm and supportive learning environment right in our home and made our child feel special and talented. I am pleased to announce that my daughter has completed 12th grade English and she has already completed her final paper! My daughter learned a lot from both tutors and we really have seen an improvement in her skills. We will certainly give referrals to you any time and of course, we will call if she needs the support in the future.

On Sunny Day Tutoring’s assistance with a 504 Plan, 
Marguerite writes…

We received a letter from the school principal yesterday, regarding your suggested modifications to our daughter’s homework pending special education evaluation. She has agreed to one hour of homework each night until IEP is complete. This is a huge relief for us. Thanks again for your assistance with the 504 plan. If it wasn’t for your suggestions, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you so much!

A Very Satisfied Client 
and Grandfather writes…

Our family engaged Sunny Day Tutoring to help our Junior High-aged grandson. He had been experiencing difficulties with poor grades and the accompanying poor attitude at school and at home as well as personal image issues. We had spoken with Sylvan and other tutoring service options, but we were really looking for a truly experienced educator and a 1:1 environment. With Sunny, we found what we were looking for! We chose to do weekly sessions and couldn’t be happier! She has been truly wonderful and substantial and measurable improvements in all areas have occurred. Thanks, Sunny!

Early Graduation? WOW! 
This mom is ecstatic!

Thank you very much for all your help. This graduation day wouldn’t be possible without the caring and hard work of you and your team. My daughter came from behind and actually graduated EARLY last March. (She will be walking in graduation ceremonies in June.)

Glowing Recommendation from Iris McKay, 
a Proactive Mom and Family Law Attorney

As a divorce attorney who does a great deal of child-focused legal work, I initially was interested in Sunny’s skills to recommend to clients in helping their children focus, learn and do well academically. In divorce cases, children’s grades tend to drop, due to a number of reasons. Sunny’s experience as a teacher and tutor, as well as her commitment to children, were benefits I wanted to pass on to my clients. She is a gifted nurturer, yet not a pushover. These are two important traits in dealing with children and learning issues.

However, Sunny’s greatest benefit to me was getting my own 6th grader on track. Like many boys this age, Matt’s focus was not on his schoolwork. With Sunny’s intensified summer study program, she was able to meet with him one-on-one for just a few hours. Yet, the results were dramatic. She helped him understand his learning style and helped him implement specific ‘action steps’ he could take to make his performance better. Since this experience, Matt has been much more focused and empowered. Although he has signs of A.D.D., I believe Sonny’s tutoring has helped keep this condition under control. The more Matt feels he can manage his A.D.D., the less it becomes an issue. He has self-confidence and navigates his studies without a lot of hovering and coaxing. The results are dramatic–a better attitude and better grades.

I strongly recommend Sonny’s services to any parent whose child needs assistance or any professional who has clients with children who need assistance. She is excellent!

Donna, the Parent of Two Wonderful Students, 
is super happy!

Thanks, Sunny, I appreciate all your continued dedication and support–you have been WONDERFUL for my son this year. You made my daughter feel very comfortable and welcome. She said she really enjoyed you and your time together and that she believes tutoring with you has really helped her.

I don’t want you to think that I ever take for granted all the little extra things you do… I do notice and appreciate it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sincere thanks.

This Client Knew 
Sunny Day was the right choice right away…

Thank you for your patience and your professionalism. I was favorably impressed from the moment I heard you first introduce yourself. I hope we have a chance of working together in the future and wish you the very best of blessings as you build your business. Your attitude is superb and rare.

Fellow Local Business Owner Lisel Sutter, 
President Sutter Tax, Financial & Insurance Services, Inc., Endorses Sunny Day Tutoring

Sunny is a fixture in the Oceanside community, and it is well known locally that she is an advocate for children, first, foremost and always. A longtime Oceanside Chamber member and authority in the world of education, Sunny volunteers much of her time to help the community in general, as well as to assist children with their learning challenges and disabilities. It is a comfort to know that there is a resource like Sunny and her company for children in need, and the community at large.

Sunny is truly a Master Teacher, 
Vivian says…

I met Sunny when she returned to teaching after giving birth to son Sean. She taught Kindergarten and I was the speech therapist at North Terrace Elementary. We often had the same school assignments resulting in my observing her as a Master Teacher in various educational settings. Her effectiveness as a Master Teacher to her students is without comparison. She is not only skillful in her way of helping students but does it with great care, kindness, and love. Whatever task she accepts is done with accuracy and appropriate results. She truly exemplifies the title of Master Teacher.

Godsent help for my child 
with learning disability

Sunny worked with me to discover that Lucas had a learning disability that was not discovered by his private school, nor by the Psycho-Educational Evaluation given to him at Children’s Hospital when he was in 3rd grade. 

Sunny gave valuable input to a Neuro-Psychologist to find out exactly why my son could not spell or read well at all, even though Lucas’s comprehension scores were always at or near perfect. Due to her efforts, Lucas improved his spelling, reading, and—even more important—his self-confidence. She also insisted he work to the best of his gifted ability, and not lean on a “learning disability” as an excuse. The few years spent with Sunny as a tutor literally changed my son’s life.

She gently pointed out ‘told me how my behaviors in allowing Lucas too much freedom to fail were actually hurting my son’s ability to learn and grow. She helped me change the way I parented so that I could be a better parent. In doing so, she changed my life as well.

When you hire Sunny Goodwin, you are not just hiring a tutor to help your child get his or her homework done. You are hiring an experienced, compassionate, and wise life coach.


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