Experiences in school and out of school!

I have long known from my work on sensory motor development for my Master’s Degree that dance and movement is tied to academic (cognitive) learning. This new study just reconfirms that! It is well worth the time taken from the classroom academics to provide these experiences in school and out of school. https://chalkbeat.org/posts/us/2019/02/12/study-arts-education-boosted-compassion-and-writing-scores/?fbclid=IwAR1VUJXAJ0pJeYgeQNgFCqwTtCQ08DBhXk-6AZpNPrzFjQ6-zSXSybPTXUs

Encourage Writing

Summer is almost over, but before it ends, here are some great ways to encourage children’s writing to give them practice that is fun and engaging. Also, these tips are good anytime of the year. See the article by Julie Bogart at http://www.homeeddirectory.com/blog/10-ways-encourage-writing

Summer isn’t over yet!

This meme from Gentleparenting.com is a good reminder that summer isn’t over yet! Get your child outside for activities that empower them to explore, create, and enjoy the rest of the summer before it is gone!

Ten Myths about writing

School is just around the corner. Now is a good time to have your children write about their summer experiences. It is important to keep up their skills during the summer. If they tell you writing is too hard or they don’t know what or how to write, remind them that writing is like all skills, it gets better with …

mindfulness journal

I recently found this article about a Mindfulness Journal for ages seven through adult, by Dvora Kravitz, M.A., AET Educational Therapist. It is a really helpful as a way to get children to write during the summer and keep in touch with their emotions, as well. It only takes 10 minutes a day and has step-by-step directions for parents to …

Schools out but studies are not!

School may be out, but it doesn’t mean kids should not be doing some summer reading. Have them read about things they love, funny humorous texts, and even books they may have read before. It is easy to find lists from your local library of titles that are popular at each grade level for kids in the summer. Get elementary …

Tips for college bound seniors

Calling All Incoming High School Seniors! Prep4CollegeNow.com has great tips for college bound seniors. "Summer break is the perfect time to get a head start on your college applications…. Below is a list of (their) suggestions: 1. Finalize the list of colleges to which you wish to apply. 2. Start writing your college essays. 3. Complete as many college applications …

Advice for parents

Is praise the best way to react to children’s successes? This article by Naomi Aldort is right in line with what Marshall Rosenberg teaches about non-violent communication skills.There are often more helpful and authentic responses than praise. It is worth considering when interacting with your child about accomplishments.Check out this link to read the article. It is worth the time. …

Wisdom for parents

Here is some wisdom for parents in a meme from GentleParenting.com. Be sure to give kids time to structure their own play and activities over the summer, without SCREENS or organized events. This develops problem-solving, creative thinking, and independence.