According to "Peace Quarters," a new study says people who read a lot of books make better friends for others because they "are way nicer, kinder, and empathetic." than those who watch lot of TV. Those who watch mainly TV exhibit more anti-social behavior." Furthermore, the genre matters, with romance and drama readers being the most empathetic. ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILDREN TO READ, it pays off socially, as well as intellectually. Here is a link to the entire article if you are interested in all the details. You may want to subscribe to their newsletter. https://www.peacequarters.com/bookworms-make-better-more-empathetic-friends-according-to-research-alexa/?fbclid=IwAR0NDoZATOa6ZcqKQjsjatH4Wh802JckJ5Ir8Rj6D_FgtuwyPvC2F7YCpmo

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