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We meet many people and come across some great new companies that share similar views as Sunny Day Tutoring in our day-to-day experiences. There are several people and companies that we really want to introduce you to. Please visit the link below to view their different websites and get more information about them.

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Here is some good advice to parents about AP Test/Classes and SAT tests. 

They require different preparation to do well. This is fairly short worth reading for parents of high school students who are four year college bound.

This explains why discipline is meant for learning not punishment, employing logical consequences that keep the student on the path of learning and doesn’t “kick him off” when he transgresses. 

This will help educators, as well as parents, see a different viewpoint that may help in teaching and caring for children.

An English Language word puzzle that has sentences with words that are spelled the same but are pronounced differently and have different meanings

It is recommended because some words when used as nouns are pronounced one way and have a certain meaning. When they are used as verbs they have a different pronunciation and meaning. The puzzle gives students practices with the most commonly used and confused verbs/nouns of this type.

A resource for parents who have very bright children who are significantly underperforming.

It gives parents very helpful insights as to why gifted students underachieve and how to identify this problem along with ways to more effectively motivate their students.

A list of the key topics that will be covered in any OUSD 6th grade math benchmark test given to all students at the end of the 1st semester

So that students and parents will know what to focus on while reviewing prior to the OUSD 6th grade math benchmark test. These tests are all based on California Math standards for 6th grade and will be covered in every 6th grade classroom throughout the state.

This is an article for parents and educators giving recent statistics on the value of pre-school education for students.

It explains the long term educational and cost benefits of preschool education and early education for students. It reinforces the importance of early education and early intervention for students.

This is an article to give students and parents some ideas on college options regardless of SAT results.

There are numerous students who are not the best test takers. This does not preclude them from college options. We recommend this article to address concerns of parents and students who are worried about how SAT scores will affect their futures.

An arcade like site that pits student against computer or against other anonymous online players.

Great for learning speed and accuracy on all math facts.

This is an article for parents and educators giving recent statistics on the value of pre-school education for students.

Parents play a critical role in their students education. Any information that can assist a parent in helping their student achieve success is very valuable.

Sunny’s blog on the Camp Pendleton Patch

Offers advice to parents on having a successful not stressful school year.

Sunny’s blog on the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce website.

It explains the long term educational and cost benefits of preschool education and early education for students. It reinforces the importance of early education and early intervention for students.

Sunny’s blog on the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Website. 

This article discusses 6 practices to maintaining a healthy brain. 

Timez Attack is offered on this website, and it’s a really fun video game exclusively for learning multiplication tables. It’s a high-tech and entertaining video game that kids really enjoy, yet it’s as rigorous and effective a drill and practice exercise as one-on-one training with a skilled teacher. A user can download a free version of this program that uses an environment which includes a dungeon and a troll. Or a version with a different environment can be purchased. I suggest you try the free version and see how your child responds! 

I’ve used this site with several of my students who’ve had trouble learning multiplication facts. They went from groaning about using flash cards to begging to go online to play Timez Attack. It works for developing both speed and accuracy, and students don’t resist it. 

This is a GREAT set of easy to play games that cost almost nothing to play. Most are free, played orally, or involving a pencil and paper. 

These are FUN ways to teach and reinforce phonics and spelling knowledge and skills. Kids love games and by playing these games at home, on vacation, or in the car, you will help your child become a much better reader. These games help children to have greater facility with words, phonic, and language, all of which are skills underlying good reading abilities. Give them a try! Your child will love them and be learning important skills which will make him/her a better reader! 

This article explains how the right and left hemisphere of the brain each work and how helping them work together by doing activities that link the two sides of the brain will enhance learning. 

Many parents do not truly understand how each side of the the brain works and how important it is for them to work together efficiently to truly maximize learning. This article explains these concepts clearly and simply and give ideas on how to “focusing on color, music, pattern, rhyme, movement or gesture, the global whole (or the whole picture), images, stories, skits and metaphor” can enhance the integration of the right side of the brain to enhance learning. 

Here are six notable websites and mobile apps that were added to Edshelf by educators.
These are apps that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and have been proven in classrooms. 

Use these teacher-recommended tools to aid your instruction and improve student outcomes.

Here is an article with a list of age appropriate chores for kids. 
Please visit The Happy Housewife link in the article to learn more.

Parents don’t always know what chores they should give their children and when.  This is a good guideline.

Old newsletters with great articles that parents can open and review.

It’s always good to find a good resource to help parents that home school.


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